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Customer Stories

At Kalas we serve a diverse variety of customer types, who have at least one thing in common - they all want to create their own custom designed cycle clothing. These include individuals, small groups of friends, clubs, teams, companies, charities, and events. In our series Customer Stories, some of them tell us how we helped them achieve their objectives and highlight the aspects of Kalas’ service that they benefitted from the most.

The Spanish town with a passion for cycling

At the heart of the Basque country, 45 km south of Bilbao, is the Spanish town of Zuia (previously named Zuya). Here, a passion for cycling has been pulsating for more than half a century, ignited 53 years ago by Club Ciclista Zuyano (Zuyano Cycling Club). This club, which is actively involved in promoting this exciting sport, has become the pride of the town.

Since its inception, Zuyano Cycling Club has been dedicated to promoting cycling in all its forms. However, their efforts go beyond just pedalling; their priority is to develop the personal and athletic growth of each member of its cycling family.

Under the wings of this club, exceptional talents such as Mikel Landa, Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga and Txutxin Ibañez Loyo have blossomed. All three have left an indelible mark on the world of professional cycling and have taken the Zuya name to the top of domestic and international racing.

The club does not let itself be lulled by its successes and continues to make steady progress. In addition to nurturing champions, it focuses on organizing diverse cycling events for all ages and performance levels. From popular cyclo-cross races to training rides, it offers opportunities to enjoy and grow in cycling.

In addition, the club has a strong commitment to the local community and youth riders. It runs a sports academy where youngsters learn the basics of cycling and cultivate values such as teamwork, discipline and healthy competition.

Clothes as team identity

There is a story behind every pedal stroke and every kilometre travelled. At Club Ciclista Zuyano, they are proud not only of their achievements on the road, but also of the identity with which they enter each race. Their jerseys are not just clothing, they are an expression of passion, history and community togetherness.

Team Manager Eduardo Albeniz told us: "We had no doubts when choosing a supplier of clothing when we selected the Kalas brand for the first time. We were completely impressed by their history, origin, reliability, commitment to continuous product improvement and excellent customer service. Kalas is not just a sportswear brand; it is a perfect blend of passion and commitment."

He continued: "Their wide range covers all our needs: from the more casual sports enthusiast to the top athletes. The versatility of Kalas sportswear is reflected in each and every product, which is designed with an emphasis on performance and comfort. We are happy to share our experiences with Kalas, as the brand has increased our appreciation in the world of sports."

The club’s academy clothing was designed with comfort, functionality and durability in mind, and to represent the distinctive landscape of the Zuya village. The design of the Zuya town flag blend with the features of the local forests and mountains, creating a tangible connection between the young cyclists and their environment.

Eduardo continued: "We have managed to transfer the energy and dynamism of a harmonious group into the design of the clothes, which is constantly expanding. The colours we chose in collaboration with our main sponsor, Electro Alavesa, match the colours of the Zuya flag and reflect the vision and strength of our ethos."

The Club’s U23 race team is named Electro Alavesa-Zuia and has been working closely with the Kalas brand for the past four years. During this time, their Team Manager Eduardo has been very pleased with the constant innovation and new products: "The long sleeve TEMPS jersey, close-fitting but highly breathable, and the RAINEX jersey, ideal for rainy weather, are two of the standout pieces in their range. Most of all, we appreciate Kalas' ability to meet the individual needs of each rider thanks to its wide range of sizes and clothing for different weather conditions."

Each evolution of the kit design tells a story and represents different stages of the team’s development over its four-year existence.” Eduardo continues. “From the ‘initial energy’, through to the ‘dedication and individual development of our leaders’ which has led to their being recognized as those who continues to grow and work deliberately. In every step forward we try to emphasize the importance of each club member, because it is they who develop and strengthen our faith."

"Our jerseys represent more than just sportswear: they represent our identity, commitment and passion for cycling. When we wear them, we carry with us the spirit of the Zuyano Cycling Club and the pride of being able to represent our union in every race."

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