Our mission

Our Philosophy

Kalas doesn't seek out shortcuts. We are never afraid to take the longer path where it makes sense.

This takes huge effort and commitment from us in every department. It’s also why owning our production is so critical to controlling our high standards. This ensures our customers can confidently focus their efforts on doing what they want to do most – enjoy riding their bike however they like to.

We make your ride better because our clothes are better made. More comfortable, delivering higher performance.

Kalas can’t promise to change rain into sunshine. Instead, Kalas has created a fully waterproof rainjacket so you can ride for longer without becoming soaked to the skin.

This is the basis of our philosophy. Pragmatic, realistic solutions without empty promises.

Our environment

As a company born out of cycling, we always want to protect and promote the natural environment. Keeping our environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to all. The fabrics used in our production all come from established sources located within a few hours’ drive, not imported from around the globe.

We do not exist alone in isolation. Our decisions and actions impact on those around us and how we interact with our surrounding environment. We are just one small part of a bigger system.

We interact with other people, organisations and with nature. We feel a sense of duty and responsibility towards them. We take seriously our responsibility to give back to the world just as it gives to us.


Minimum waste

We minimise waste wherever possible. For example, our state-of-the-art cutting process ensures we get the optimum output from each roll of fabric. Some waste is inevitable, and where this is generated, we follow best practice when disposing of it, finding alternative uses, and responsibly recycling the remainder.



All under one roof

We own our production facility. This is crucial to us having direct control of our processes and working environment. Our “all-under-one roof” philosophy means wherever possible all our departments sit together in the same building, enhancing internal communication and minimising our carbon footprint with minimal transportation and travel.

Eco-friendly packaging

Instead of sending goods in plastic envelopes, we decided to pack our clothes in paper bags. By taking this eco-friendly step, we are reducing the use of plastic packaging and actively contributing to the protection of the environment.


Your Ride Made Better

Our philosophy is encapsulated within our brand claim: Your Ride Made Better. We want to make your ride better, not only with better clothes, but also by giving you confidence that they have been produced in a sustainable manner which has helped to maintain a safer, cleaner environment for all.