Limited edition: Fearlessly

Limited edition

Introducing Fearlessly, the bold and original limited edition jersey design created by Lenka, our graphic designer and keen cyclist. It's a design that differs from current trends; a design that wants to be seen. Let's hear from its creator. Meet Lenka.

I'm Lenka. Part of the Kalas graphic team. I've been working in this position for more than eleven years, during which time cycling has become an integral part of my world.

Most often I create kit designs for large commercial teams, where the visibility of sponsor’s logos usually dominates the design, limiting my creative vision.

In such designs, visible sponsor logos are what the teams most want, so I am forced to put creativity on the back burner and tame my imagination.

And that has made me hungry for original design.

No limits. No logos. No brief


I welcomed the opportunity to create my own personal designs and imprint my style on them with great enthusiasm.

It's a chance to spice up what I see as the one-sidedness of cycling fashion. I’m inspired by something other than the raw performance of pro cycling and countless hours spent in the saddle.

I wanted to break out of the conservative mindset.

To reconcile the sporty side with the visual side.

I spent the beginning of last year in Mallorca. The southern climate, the Spanish culture and the environment have positively influenced my work style.

With the new season, new ideas for designs started to emerge within me. I made these designs for myself to ride in.

My personal designs started to attract attention. More and more often I got questions about where I got such a jersey. Enquiries from friends, colleagues and even complete strangers.

As the interest grew, I had an idea how to satisfy these people and give them a chance to differentiate themselves.

That's how Fearlessly was born.

A novel design that stands out from the monotony of minimalist collections and general trends of recent years.

The opposite of all those sleek and slick styles.

A design that is not afraid to be seen.

It wants to be different.

For everyone.

Design for everyone who does what they enjoy.

Fearlessly – Imagined by Lenka.


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