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Introducing the PosterLad collection, named after its designer. He is a digital artist who has been creating illustrations for more than eight years and has 900 posters to his credit. He describes his style as ‘colourful minimalism’, which is the spirit of this collection. He tries to make a simple visual impression through an interesting combination of colours and composition of individual shapes.

Vratislav Pecka, also known as PosterLad, is the type of person who got so tired of office work that he went his own way as a graphic artist. He spent two years in Amsterdam, where he says he got a taste for riding a bike. “In that country, cycling is the most popular sport alongside football, so I became a bit more interested in it," he says of his first interest in cycling.

The idea of imprinting his artistic ideas on cycle wear didn't take long to come to him, and since he already had some experience in designing clothes, he decided to make this idea a reality. "I've seen several times that a certain type of my illustrations generally translates well onto clothing. Based on this, I started working with different brands and have done designs for all kinds of clothing and accessories - from belt bags, to backpacks, t-shirts, socks and dresses."

The vast majority of his graphic illustrations are strictly abstract in nature, and the mosaic of colourful shapes on our clothes is no exception. "My aim was simply to visually engage with a good combination of colours and an interesting composition of individual shapes. I call my graphic style "Colourful Minimalism", as I mainly use the most basic shapes such as a circle or square and I like to work with a high-contrast colour palette," he explains.

Creating an attractive design was the first important part of this process of making unique cycling clothing. But for the creator of these colourful and elaborate illustrations, the question remained what would happen to his creation once the graphics were sublimated onto jerseys and other accessories. "I am extremely happy with the collection. And now I don't mean that I want to praise myself, but rather I want to highlight the work of Kalas, especially the graphic designer Lenka Čeperová, with whom I coincidentally studied in the past, how they fitted my graphics on the jersey and complemented the jerseys with precisely fitting shorts and socks. As a whole it looks really great." He compliments.

The PosterLad collection is available in both men's and women's styles, and in addition to the two colourways of the jerseys, you'll also find shorts from our PRO collection, a loose fit jersey, a cycling cap, and stylish aero socks. Unusual, bold, unique. Add a colourful sparkle to your ride in clothing designed by an award-winning art designer.

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