New dimension of comfort

Custom design

A good pair of shorts is potentially every bike rider’s most essential investment. The pad, also known as “chamois” or “insert”, is the most vital feature in cycling shorts. We only use pads developed by world-renowned industry leader Elastic Interface. Their vast experience and proactive approach to innovation and development, combined with use of the finest materials ensure comfort in the saddle.


Since their formation in 2001, the Italian company has grown to become one of the most favoured brands amongst the professional peloton. Their mission remains to deliver advanced levels of protection through innovative development and design.



We offer our customers the ability to choose the level of comfort that is most appropriate for the rides they do. You can select from two different pads that are designed for different purposes and feature different composition. The Zoom X pad is a great all-round choice and is designed for short to medium length rides. For longer rides, typically four hours or more, we normally recommend the thicker Endurance 3D pad.


For longer endurance rides

The Endurance 3D pad is intended for longer endurance rides and provides an extra dimension of comfort thanks to its 3D construction and use of ultra-high density foam. The perforated insert in the frontal part of the pad increases breathability and accelerates the dissipation of sweat. The surface of the pad is made of highly elastic material for even better wicking.



Important features of ENDURANCE 3D pad

  • 3D anatomic shape achieved thanks to two half-moon components for enhanced fit.  
  • Perforated layer for enhanced air flow and ventilation throughout the whole pad.
  • EIT CARBONIUM FLASH material has special channeled structure for enhanced air flow and ventilation.
  • ​Special frontal top features an additional perforation to allow best air permeability.



For short to medium length rides

If the majority of your rides are an hour or two, the Zoom X pad is likely to be perfectly adequate. Characterised by its lightweight and excellent breathability, this pad combines two foams of different densities to provide comfort and protection against bruising and chafing during shorter to medium rides.



Important features of ZOOM X pad

  • Elastic material from microfiber and polyester fibres for maximum breathability. 
  • Specially designed perineal area to preserve blood circulation and to protect the sciatic nerve.
  • Perforated foam ensuring increased ventilation and quick dry.
  • ​Bacteriostatic material. 


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